We are the MIT Cheerleading Team!

Welcome to our website!

About Us

What is the MIT Cheerleading Team?

The MIT Cheerleading team is a club sport at MIT. We cheer at home football games, but our primary focus is competition. We have competed the past several years in local competitions as well as NCA Nationals in Daytona Beach!

When are tryouts?

Tryouts for the 2019-2020 competition year have already happened. However, if you are still interested in joining email cheer-captains@mit.edu

Who is eligible to join the MIT Cheerleading Team?

Any full time undergraduate students and graduate students enrolled at MIT in good academic standing!

Do I need prior cheerleading experience?

Nope! We welcome people of all skill levels on the team. Some of our best members in the past, as well as many captains, have been people who came to MIT having never cheered before!

When do you practice?

We practice 3 times a week in the fall and 4 times a week in the spring leading up to Nationals. The exact days and times vary slightly from year to year, so take a look at our contact page and reach out to the officers for more information!

Does the cheerleading team perform at other events?

While we usually are very busy between our practices, academic work, and other activities, we are open to performing at events depending on their time and place. Please see our contact page and reach out to our officers to discuss any potential events that you'd like us to perform at.

Where can I see cool photos and videos of you all performing?

You can see photos from previous years under the Gallery. We also have a few videos of our past performances and showcases under there as well. If you want to see current members of the team, check out the "The Team" section of the site!

How can I support the MIT Cheerleading Team?

The cheerleading team at MIT is a club sport, and so we really appreciate any support, financial or otherwise! To discuss the best way to donate or help the team, please see our contact page and reach out to the cheerleading officers, or simply donate online here!

How can I follow the MIT Cheerleading Team?

We have a facebook page, an instagram account (@mit_cheer), and a twitter! Links to all of them are at the bottom of each page on this website!